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Writing desk signed by Ferdinando Pogliani

Ferdinando Pogliani (1832-1899)

We couldn't find a likeness of this Italian cabinet maker - only examples of his intricate work. Those objects can be found in museums and catalogs of the most prestigious auction houses.

These existing works are the primary source for what we know about the artist.

Born in Italy in 1832, Ferdinando Pogliani shared a workshop with his two sons and eventually became the leading cabinet maker in Milan. He was well known among his contemporaries and much sought after by wealthy, aristocratic clientele. His patrons included Napoleon III for whom Pogliani created a bed and a desk.

His pieces, often inlaid with ebony, engraved ivory, and precious stones, are virtually emblematic of the baroque style, and images of his furniture wordlessly convey the style's complex cultural convictions.

Today, examples of his work can be found at prestigeous auction houses such as Christy's and Southeby's and, of course, right here at Plantation Galleries.

DSK-004 Ferdinando Pogliani Ebanista Signed Inlaid Writing Desk

TAB-051 Ferdinando Pogliani Ebanista Writing Table

BOK-003 Ferdinando Pogliani Ebanista Inlaid Vitrine